Technical Recruiter

Multilogin helps companies see the Internet through millions of computers. It’s a completely new terrain waiting for you to make an impact.

We are looking to hire a technical recruiter who would help us build an all-star team that delivers cutting-edge technological products.

Challenge accepted?

Examples of what you’ll do:

  1. Source candidates from a variety of channels
  2. Conduct interviews
  3. Maintain relationships with candidates after interviews are over
  4. Participate in forming our recruiting process

To help you excel, you’ll get:


To attend conferences for free


To take courses on Udemy and Coursera


A 1,000 € personal development budget


100% ergonomic work environment



For the past three years, we had to learn from scratch how to recruit people. Walked a journey from recruiting people based on our gut instincts to copying models from books to working out our own models. Our recruitment models have evolved at least twice every year. We already know how to recruit stars and we won’t settle for anything less. Now our challenge is to scale up the process. We want to become so good at attracting top talent as if there were no competitors whatsoever. Our vision is what we call “Talent on Demand” – as soon as we have a new opening, it gets filled in an instant.

You’re a good fit if you:

  1. Have 3 or more years of a technical recruiter experience
  2. Have a conceptual understanding of modern IT technologies
  3. Have excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
  4. Have excellent communication skills
  5. Are flexible in working hours (to interview candidates in different time zones)
  6. Live in Tallinn or are willing to relocate to Tallinn

Sounds like YOU?

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