Customer Support Engineer

Multilogin helps companies see the Internet through millions of computers. It’s a completely new terrain waiting for you to make an impact.

We are hiring a customer support engineer who is a problem solver with a “get shit done” attitude. We prefer someone with previous experience in the tech industry who is motivated to take their programming skills to the next level.

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How you’ll contribute to developing a unique software:

  1. Solve intricate technical cases like Sherlock Holmes
  2. Translate things from developers’ h4ck3r language into human language
  3. Help users write automation scripts
  4. Participate in software testing


As you grow into the role, you’ll have opportunities to challenge yourself in other areas like programming, QA or product management.

To help you excel, you’ll get:


To attend conferences for free


To take courses on Udemy and Coursera


A 1,000 € personal development budget


100% ergonomic work environment


Customer support lead

Our customer support team is looking for a person that gets along with people well and is up for improving their programming skills. Here at Multilogin we support each other's personal and professional growth. Now is the perfect time to join a team of a rising Estonian startup!

You’re a good fit if you:

  1. Have 3 or more years of customer support experience, preferably tech-related
  2. Are a super fast learner and grasp technical concepts quickly
  3. Have basic knowledge of programming languages
  4. Have very good spoken and written communication skills in English
  5. Are punctual and attentive to details
  6. Are able to multitask
  7. Are flexible in your working hours
  8. Live in Tallinn or are willing to relocate to Tallinn

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