Senior Marketing Data Analyst

Multilogin helps companies see the Internet through millions of computers. It’s a completely new terrain waiting for you to make an impact.

We are looking for a bright, full-time & remote marketing data analyst with a curious mind and a hard working talent to consolidate and manage data and decision making process at Multilogin.

Challenge accepted?

Examples of what you’ll do:

  1. Optimize data tracking processes across websites, in-app, and social media channels
  2. Design and help to implement a consolidated data warehouse
  3. Implement a company-wide reporting platform to allow relevant people access to relevant, accurate, and timely information
  4. Help to prepare reports for various departments that will give valuable insights into their actions
  5. Discover trends in the data that will help us to mitigate issues such as customer churn and help us to increase the overall customer lifetime value


We are looking for an Experienced Marketing Data Analyst to help consolidate our company-wide data, improve data handling processes, increase the trust in our data, and allow us to make data-informed decisions that will help our company grow. The chosen candidate will play a key part in designing/optimizing company-wide data processes and will produce reports for various departments that will give valuable insights into our business and help us to make better decisions faster. Your analysis can and will have a big impact on our company.

To help you excel, you’ll get:


Work remotely from anywhere


Unlimited paid time off


€3,000/year team trip budget


€400/year sport vouchers


Head of Growth

“Honestly, working in Multilogin is such a unique experience and I am very happy to be a part of the journey. Everyone is entrusted with a level of responsibility that allows us all to really make an impact. Not many companies can or will offer the level of autonomy that we get at Multilogin. It really is great.”

You’re a good fit if you have:

  1. Experience with designing data structures and implementing tracking across multiple tools (Google analytics, Facebook pixel, Mixpanel, Hotjar, etc.)
  2. Experience using BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Amplitude, etc.
  3. A clear understanding of data-driven processes and how their work can impact company results
  4. Fulfilled a data analyst or business analyst role with clear demonstration of ROI improvements for the business
  5. Involved in the design and implementation of a company-wide data warehouse
  6. Good understanding of data governance, data processes and an advocate for pushing clear data processes in their business
  7. Are comfortable with SQL

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