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Brand and User Acquisition Team Lead

RemotePraha, Praha, Hlavní město, CzechiaGrowth & CX

Job description

In Multilogin, we create an application to help people to automate and scale online businesses. We help users working with affiliate marketing, e-commerce, SMM, crypto, or similar industries through web browser automation.

Job Brief

We are looking for a Brand and User Acquisition Team Lead to help with the team's planning, organization, and management to continue driving results forward and meeting our strategic goals. You will play a key role in ensuring alignment between team activities and plans and the strategic direction of the Growth unit.  

You will be reporting and working closely with the Head of Growth, significantly impacting our company in terms of long-term brand and user acquisition strategies as we scale globally and constantly look to improve the experience we deliver to our users.


  • Help to transform strategic directions into actionable plans, activities, and targets.
  • Be part of the Growth Unit Leadership team to help align all customer-facing teams' strategies and actively collaborate on all cross-team projects.
  • Ensure that the team focuses on priority tasks and that day-to-day activities always align with the long-term strategy.
  • Actively collaborate with the Head of Growth to update and optimize plans and processes aligned with company goals, strategies, and values.
  • Focus on data reporting and providing timely updates to the Head of Growth.
  • Manage team members' progress, helping with their professional growth and aligning personal and company expectations. 

Job requirements


  • At least 3 years of experience as a Senior Growth or Marketing Team Leader.
  • Previous experience leading teams to achieve and exceed company goals.
  • Proven experience in growth and marketing planning toward company strategic goals
  • Data-driven leader
  • Previous experience working within the software industry
  • Strong experience with budget management toward achieving goals
  • Previous experience working with brand development and promotion