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Senior GO Developer

RemoteVilnius, Vilnius, LithuaniaEngineering

Job description

Drive the growth of our back-end service development, the core of our product’s back end. We’re working with an API first approach, which means all features and functionality is provided to applications and front-end implementations. We’re working with tens of millions of transactions every day and performance is a key aspect of getting things done right.

Join a team of senior and highly performing individuals, having taken part in research projects and redesign exercises throughout their tenure. It’s a tough crowd and requires a lot of experience with the tech stack to get the job done properly and driving further growth with the team.


  • Participate in all the team ceremonies and planning sessions;
  • Write modules managing the interactions between user interfaces of information systems, server systems and databases;
  • Write unit tests for the modules they are responsible for;
  • Document the work carried out and review other team member's documentation;
  • Establish processes for the coordination and define the best practices and methodology for the
    development of information system components developed by the team;
  • Be responsible to apply the software logic commonly used in the team and participate in the process of deciding
    upon this logic;
  • Work independently, cooperating with the senior and middle developers, if necessary;
  • Coach, supervise and consult middle and junior engineers;
  • Review commits from members of the team;
  • Act as a Scrum-master and provides flawless functioning in case of agile development/scrum methods, manage and consult the team, co-operate with the Product organization, facilitates discussions, decision making and solving differences of opinion;
  • Have extensive knowledge of most operational systems, databases and data networks, as well as the architecture, security and testing of the information systems within their area (and always ready to immediately research unknown tech);
  • Good command of the Golang programming language used in microservice architecture implementations;
  • Knowledge of Kafka message queues and experience in writing consumers and producers for Kafka in Golang;
  • Knowledge of deploying microservices in Kubernetes/terraform infrastructure as code environments;
  • Responsible for early live support, post release and on call support for the products and modules developed;

Job requirements

  • At least 5 years back-end development experience;
  • Strong knowledge about agile development methodologies;
  • Good Golang, Kafka, Kubernetes, unit testing, integration testing, security testing for code;
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines in the AWS environments;