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Welcome To Multilogin Launchpad!

Begin here, Go anywhere!

Your learning adventure starts now!

From Entry-level to Managerial

Here, you don't need experience – just a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to growth.

Start with our comprehensive learning materials, excel in a customer support role, and who knows? You might soon be our next junior product, affiliate, or project manager!

How it works

Ready to break the ice of entering the IT job market, but you're being held back by lack of experience?

You're not alone - and we're here to change the game.

Welcome to a fresh take on employment, where your drive to learn and grow matters more than your resume.

What you need is a strong desire to learn, maximum effort, great english skills and curiosity.

With a fully remote setup, you can work from the comfort of your home, using your own laptop or computer and get paid. 🚀

Some roles might require other languages as well like: Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese or Russian.


Learn from our free materials.

Immerse yourself in the topics, grasp the fundamentals, and prepare to break the ice in the IT sector by joining a 3 month probation period in a Support role ( technical or otherwise)

Once you're ready, submit your CV through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and showcase your newfound knowledge in our interview process.

Please note:

We take this process seriously, and we expect you to do the same. If you don't pass the interview or test, you'll need to wait four months before applying again. Use this time to further your learning and come back stronger.

The Probation Period

Upon successful application, you'll embark on a three-month probation period as a Customer or Technical Support Specialist.

This is your time to dive deep into our product, solve real customer problems, and become an integral part of our team.

You'll receive guidance and the opportunity to drive initiatives, helping you gain a rich understanding of our operation.

Post Probation

Successfully complete probation, and the world is your oyster.

You may choose to continue growing within our customer support team or spread your wings in a different role.

While a successful application doesn't guarantee selection for a new role, it does give you a priority pass. If you decide to venture into a new role, be ready to buckle down and learn the ropes, guided by our internal coaches

Start Learning

Get familiar with entry level knowledge before joining. Having a basic grasp of mid-level knowledge will help you get closer to the product and advanced topics are there for the techies.

This is not an internship, we expect you to learn quickly, pushing yourself and hitting the ground running.

What you should know

Paid Full Time Employment

Unlimited Vacation Time

Get real experience

Fully remote

Work from your own laptop

Advance into a new role in IT

Good to know!

  • Once you get selected, you will move through our recruitment process. If successful, you will be added to our prioritised list of candidates to be contacted for Customer Support/ Technical Support given we have a new role opened.

  • Your application does not guarantee you will get the role, as you will still be evaluated and only suitable candidates will be contacted.

  • Please take your application seriously, as if you fail, you cannot apply for the next 4 months. Do not apply if you haven't learned the articles :)

  • Once joined the Customer Support or Technical Support teams, and pass probation, you may want to apply to other internal roles within Multilogin, as long as you've learned relevant new skills that match the jobs requirements.

  • If you already have some experience as a Customer Support or Technical Support, you can still join this program as well.

Materials and Info

The page will be updated with most recent info soon.

Until then, if you see any role on our career page and you think you are ready for it, feel free to apply :)

Or if you don't know whether we have an open role on your specialisation but you would like to work here, apply to launchpad role and we will assess your experience whether we can consider you for hire.


Once you've read and learned the materials, feel free to apply for launchpad role in our OPEN POSITIONS section.

When applying to the role, please answer briefly to the following 3 questions in the Cover letter section:

  1. Why you want to join and which team from Customer Support/ Technical Support?

  2. Which role would you want to try out if you pass probation?

  3. What are you learning about right now?