Join a fast-paced company that revolves around focused hard work, growth, fun, and adventure.

Why join Multilogin?

Would you rather work in yet another “Tinder/Uber/Airbnb for X” company or a truly Unicorn Startup? 🦄

We at Multilogin hate😡 working on boring stuff that somebody else has done before us. We outsource billing software, buy ready-made recruitment software, find somebody best at X to do it for us…

What we excel at, however, is sailing in uncharted waters. We are like MAD SCIENTISTS craving to discover something new.

They say nobody understands browser fingerprinting? 🤔 Let’s research it. Let’s build a product around it. Or maybe a few products. Who knows? Let’s make it popular. Let’s make a BLAST.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you feel yourself like a MAD SCIENTIST? 👨‍🔬 Would you rather work on something truly unique and new or stick to known and safe? If exploration desire makes you jump out of a bed in the morning, you will like being here.👍

However, we’ll be honest; Multilogin isn’t for everyone. Even by the startup industry standards, it’s a high-risk environment which offers great rewards but demands top performance. If you think a work is a place to compete against your colleagues, or that problems can solve themselves, perhaps you should look elsewhere. But if you are dying to take a part in the creation of something really unique and new, then... need to apply! Today! 🤝



  • A talented and fun team to grow with
  • A startup-style environment fully remote
  • Highly varying projects – you won’t be stuck on a single project for 3-5 years
  • Company retreats
  • €3000/year per person team building budget
  • Unlimited learning and development opportunities
  • €400/year sport compensation
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Equipment to setup your remote work space

Make your life a movie

Here's our last adventure. Will you join the NEXT?

Join our team 😎

Current openings

Golang Engineer
  • Remote job
IT Hiring Partner (Mid)
  • Remote job
Brand and User Acquisition Team Lead
Growth & CX
  • Remote job
Technical Support Engineer
  • Remote job
Product Team Lead
  • Remote job
Principal JavaScript Engineer
  • Remote job
Market Analyst
Growth & CX
  • Remote job
Sales and Business Development TL
Growth & CX
  • Remote job
C++ developer
  • Remote job
Back end Team Lead
  • Remote job
DevOps Engineer
  • Remote job

We are a young team with a never-ending passion and creativity. Focusing on unexplored topics in this fun cyber world makes me confident about both company’s and personal development.

Yvonne Wang
Business development specialist, Multilogin


This is how we roll

What is Multilogin?

About us

Multilogin is a browser identity management platform. Companies and organizations around the world use it to browse internet or create automated applications that browse internet as multiple distinct users. In fact, it's Selenium WebDriver on steroids. Very powerful steroids.

Multilogin Software OÜ - the company behind Multilogin - is one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS start-ups in the Baltics. We are headquartered in Tallinn but co-operate with like-minded people from all over the world.


If you know someone who could be interested in one of our open positions, feel free to share a vacancy link to them. We offer 500 euros referral commission for each successful hire, 1000 euros for senior positions. 

Contact us at for more information.