Building a new product is fun. Creating a new industry? Mind-blowing.

We’re on a quest to help companies see the Internet through millions of computers. It’s a completely new terrain waiting for you to make an impact.


Join the quest for new realities

At Multilogin, you get to build something completely unique. We have created a solution to replace the need for multiple computers with virtual browser profiles.

This makes scaling online businesses and browser-based web automation applications a breeze for our customers.


Founders on board

Their initial vision, culture and passion is very much present in Multilogin because so are they.



We are one of a few self-funded and profitable Estonian startups, and there's a proven need for our product on the market.


Life in the fast lane

Working at Multilogin is as close as you can get to those early Silicon Valley vibes.

Our story

In 2015, Multilogin’s co-founders Donat and Pavel encountered a problem while working on a marketing project. To solve it, they created a tool that allowed them to quickly switch between different browser profiles.

The tool, which was initially meant to be used in-house only, was shared on different marketing forums for feedback. What happened next was far from expected.

Fast forward to 2020, Multilogin is one of the top 10 fastest growing Estonian startups with a product that solves a problem faced by thousands of customers worldwide. Want to make an impact? Come join us!

Best bootstrapped startup in Estonia

One of the most successful Estonian startups

What’s working here really like?

The future of teamwork

Fast-forward growth

When starting a project, we offer tasks for the taking. You can always try something new!

If you find yourself facing a mountain that can’t be summited alone, the team will stand by your side. We constantly learn something new from each other.

Every opinion matters

Every adventure needs a leader, but every explorer needs a team. At Multilogin, the two go together.

Everyone has the opportunity to speak up and to be heard. This goes for solving technical challenges and extends to how we plan our company trips.

Fun factor

Our ambitions can only be achieved when every member of our team is feeling happy and fulfilled.

That’s why we offer the best perks, access to events and organize fun activities for our team members. Multilogin is not just a job, it’s an experience!

Full trust

One of the principles at Multilogin is that we always hire people who are smarter than us. After joining Multilogin, you can be assured that we have full trust in your competence. You are the professional, you call the shots.

Not your average benefits

We truly invest in keeping our team in the best possible shape by offering:


Work remotely from anywhere


Choose your own equipment and work setup


Unlimited paid time off


€400/year sport vouchers

Multilogin is now a fully remote company with a fun and talented team of 42+ people hailing from 10 different countries. It’s a place to work on challenging tasks with other star professionals that make the top 10% of the talent.

Everyone in the company has the freedom to set up their working stations anywhere in the world. For a month-long onboarding, you’ll also get to visit Multilogin HQ in Tallinn, Estonia.

Oh, and did we mention? Our teams enjoy company retreats where everyone can have a say in it. Will it be kitesurfing and vineyard tours in Spain? Or snowboarding and surströmming in Sweden? Regardless of what the team decides, epic fun is always guaranteed!

Join us on our adventure!

Ready for a unique challenge?

Refer and be rewarded

If you know someone who could be a great fit for one of our open positions, feel free to share a vacancy link with them. We offer €500 referral commission for each successful hire and €1,000 for senior positions.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.