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We're not just searching for a cluster of skill sets, but rather for the trifecta of attitude, intellect, and drive.

A mindset that is never disheartened by challenges rather galvanized by them.

We celebrate the intellect that breeds innovation and creativity, the kind that isn't confined by four walls, but continually seeks growth and learning.

Above all, we seek individuals with a relentless drive, the type of ambition that fuels the determination to transform dreams into reality.

Stefan People Ops Lead

We’re thrilled to share this guide with you to improve your experience throughout the hiring process at Multilogin.

We operate on a global scale, fully remote and attracting top talent across the globe to create the best solutions out there for the entrepreneurs who trust us. Help us in becoming the go-to solution for any automation-ready task that requires browser interaction.

So if you're passionate about doing your best work, collaboratively working on projects that matter, and having fun along the way, we would love to meet you.

Remote work

We enable our colleagues to be amazing from anywhere they choose. Our dream team is an international group encompassing multiple cultures, views and values, all while handling distinct areas of the product full remotely.

We don’t count hours, we make hours count.

Building something unique and groundbreaking doesn’t come easy, yet here we are working on solutions for the problems others don’t even think about.

Joining Multilogin means you’re not afraid to break stuff, borders, bones, code, or, you know...mediocrity.

Join us, if you want to be known for setting the trends, instead of just following. Our highly adaptable culture values insatiable curiosity, the ability to focus and be resilient through change.

How we hire

Getting to know you

Usually we do a 30-45 minute call to touch via an online video communication platform. Depending on the role, you might also receive a home task after the call.

Manager’s interview

In this meeting, your future Leader takes a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in the business or technology area.

You just got offered

If we're both thrilled with the results, be sure to check your inbox. In case of leadership positions, we will proceed to 2-3 reference checks with your past supervisors or peers with whom, you collaborated.


Shine bright and rock our world! Show us why you deserve to be on the team. You’ll have 3 months to achieve a set of commonly agreed objectives strongly tied to your role in the company.


We believe that true growth doesn't follow a guardrailed path. Instead, it's a journey of discovery, a process of testing your limits, and exploring new roles and possibilities. We value your curiosity and drive, and encourage you to take on challenges that expand your horizons.

Rather than confining you to a pre-defined role, we invite you to proactively chart your own career path. Here, you don't have to wait for an opportunity to come to you - you create it. As long as you show the initiative and dedication to grow and learn, we will support you in your quest to find your unique professional path.

Our flexible career progression model rewards those who strive for more, providing you the freedom to forge your own path while backed by a supportive team, comprehensive resources, and opportunities for learning.


No-limit paid time off is active from your first day in Multilogin, while the others unlock after you pass your probation.

Fitness Budget

€400/year sport compensation.

No-limit paid time-off

All of our employees are eligible for unlimited paid time off, as long as they don't disrupt or leave the team hanging.

Flexible hours

Our employees choose which working hours are the best for them, as long as they respect team meetings.

Company retreats every quarter

€3000/year per person team building budget.

Home Office Equipment

After probation you are welcome to buy your own setup for remote work space or we cover your fees for a co-working space in your location.

Professional Challenges

We offer unique professional challenges to get you out of the comfort zone and fasttrack your career.

What do we expect?

Be yourself, be positive and have the courage to try!