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Welcome to the core of Multilogin.

Each story here is a testament to the limitless possibilities that await within our team. From ambitious beginnings to triumphant milestones, dive into the journeys that define us.

Why we do this?

From Ambition to Achievement

Through this compilation of success stories, we aim to inspire, motivate, and ignite a spark in all who aspire to join our ranks and give a glimpse into what's required to succeed in a high performance organisation

How does this help you?

This section is more than just a collection of success stories; it's a source of motivation and a blueprint for what you can achieve with us. It underscores our belief in the potential of each individual and our commitment to turning that potential into excellence. As you aspire to join our team, let these stories be your guide and inspiration, illuminating the path from your current ambitions to your future achievements with us.

Meet Monika

From Team Lead to Engineering Manager of our teams

Get to know Monika


I got hired in Multilogin in 2023 started as an engineering team lead for the UI team. Prior to this, I had only had corporate jobs for medium and big companies. And I was working in the consultant for most of them. I decided, that I need to work remote and regain my freedom, so to speak, so this was a perfect opportunity. So, this is my first role working as an engineering team lead for a company that creates its own product.

What inspired you to pursue a leadership role in Multilogin?

I will answer this with questions. Have you ever worked in a company where what you say goes? Have you ever worked in a company where your opinion is valued? Have you ever worked in a company where you can make changes? Have you ever worked in a company where you don't have to go through a bunch of bureaucracy to get your voice heard? This is my experience with Multilogin and they made me feel that I can say things and change things and do things the way I think they should be done. And to me, that was a whole other state of mind than what I had before. So I just wanted to do more and more for this company, as this company did more and more for me.

Were there any specific challenges or obstacles you faced early on in your career here?

Huh, yes. My way of thinking. Unlike when we work in big companies, when working in a smaller company you need to understand that you are the one that has the power to change things, that every voice gets heard, and that if you want something changed, you can do something about it.

So, for me, the obstacle was to change my way of thinking a bit, to adapt on this process and way of working. It took some time, but I got there :)

How did the company's culture help overcome the daily life challenges you face?

Well, I am a mother and I have two children that are two and three years old now. They require so much love and attention, and I do want to work, so I needed to find a company that would fit me with this requirement. So, Multilogin doesn't have particular hours you should be at work, so I could plan my day according to my and my kids needs. This doesn't mean that I am not giving 110% to my work, it just means that I can plan my day to finish all my tasks and meetings in a way that fits my family life. That's goals!

What kept you going in the tough times?

I do not give up easy, so I've never thought about giving up. But, on some instances I've felt that I do not know how to proceed, and I need guidance and just to stop and reflect.

So, I had one of those which happened early this summer. We've gives estimates for a certain feature requests, we've been doing everything in our power to finish in time, but, as it sometimes happens, we've found out that we will not make it in time, we had to broaden the scope, and from where I was standing it was impossible to finish our tasks. So, I had my weekly chat with my manager, and I have decided that I will tell him everything that's going on. I did that, and his answer was "What can I do to help you? What do you need from me? How can I help facilitate? What can we do now? "

To me, this approach was a new one. My manager and the company made every effort they could to help, and so, we've reached our goals afterwards. It is amazing to be a part of such culture and such company.

Can you share, how you balance your personal professional life? Especially in a leadership role?

The most awesome thing about Multilogin is that we are not bounded by hours. We are bounded only by our goals that we need to achieve. And my company doesn't care if I achieve my goals in the morning or if I do that in the evening, so that helps me balance my personal and professional life.

Whether you are an aspiring professional or an expert, there's a place for your ambitions to flourish at Multilogin.

Meet Janice

From Customer Support Specialist to Support Manager leading 10+ people.

"I joined Multilogin as a customer support specialist for English and Chinese users. It was a great as it was a remote job and the colleagues were always ready to help me whenever I have questions or troubles"

Janice's Background

"My journey started as a Tech Support Specialist at a big corporation in 2011, and moved through the different facets of the business until I joined Multilogin after 9 years offering support to customers and making the experience count."

From the challenges you faced, what do you think made a difference in your journey?

The supportive leadership team and the values of the company helped us, for example, the value of ownership, collaborating proactively and going above and beyond, so most people like changes and want to grow themselves.

In what ways did the company show its support during your toughest times?

First, they trusted me and gave me room to lead the team myself. Second, they shared knowledge with me and always discussed the company strategies with me. Last but not least, they reacted fast on my requirements and helped me whenever I needed.

Can you share a particular moment or challenge that you believe was pivotal to your growth?

Be honest and always do the right thing that you think is beneficial to the team and the company. Never try to find excuses for something that is wrong. If something is wrong, just correct it. Simple as that.

Care to share one lesson you’ve learned that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

Keep being curious and learning as much as possible, because you never know when the things you’ve learned will help you a lot. If you do not learn, you may lose opportunities. I really wish I could learn an additional language or learn programming. Additionally, trust your team members and delegate to them, and accept even if they mess something up. People need to learn from mistakes.

Here's Stef

From Senior Talent Partner to People Operations Lead

Snippets from the self proclaimed #memelord

Tell us about your initial days of the company and what your role was?

I've joined Multilogin 2 years ago, when the company was half our current size, to act as a senior Hiring Partner for the company and take over the the helm of making our hiring efforts more efficient. It was hard, but fun. I also had a very in depth onboarding since mine was done by our CEO. We had to rehaul the whole recruitment process to be lightning fast, coaching team leads and getting stuff done. Rough waters make good sailors as they say. :)

What inspired you to pursue a leadership role in the company?

Well, it's a combo of my experience with leadership, company needs and the trust of the management board. The TLDR of the story is that I went all-in into making the company more efficient, and I was given chances to gradually solve more complex problems while getting coached by our C layer, which is quite awesome. Usually higher ups sit in their ivory tower, but here they actually push you to be better, and if they see potential, they will definitely invest.

What qualities, do you think were crucial to your journey to the top?

Hmmmm, I don't believe there's a silver bullet, but what helps me be a better version of myself is just being a sponge. Getting yourself exposed to new information by reading, asking questions, learning new things and most importantly having a "can do" attitude. I know it sounds corny, but your chances of achieveing something have very much to do with what you tell yourself before starting the challenge. A final aspect is being prepared for anything usually, which helps me think strategically about what I invest energy or attention in.

Can you share, how you balance your personal professional life?

Well the company structure has a lot to do with it, since they don't care if I'm glued to the laptop for x hours, because they want results and I can work from anywhere I want. Of course, I need to make compromises here and there, but being fully remote allows me to be the owner of my time, and that's liberating.

Can you share one lesson that you've learned that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

Focus on the actual problem of anything you try to solve. A lot of clarity comes from actually identifying the main issue with any challenge. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck with solving symptoms instead of the cause.

I truly believe that if you invest even one year in Multilogin, you will gain so much experience, that you'll end up eclipsing people who are way more senior than you.

Stefan Kis People Operations Lead

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