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Welcome to the future of problem-solving in management.

At Leadership Academy, we don't just build managers, we sculpt versatile leaders capable of navigating and resolving multifaceted challenges across any business landscape.

Our mission is to nurture top-tier universal managers through a unique, immersive experience that supercedes traditional roles and boundaries.

The difference

The traditional model traps professionals within the confines of their current roles. Leadership Academy shatters these barriers, testing and enhancing their capability to conquer broader challenges.

  • Instead of confining managers to a function, we empower them with diverse complex objectives and the coaching to achieve them within set timeframes.

  • Work on everything. Hone your skills. And get it done.

    Within 2 years, Leadership Academy will hone up to 5 managers into adept problem-solvers across wide-ranging domains.

    An intensive 1-2 year preparation period is structured to cultivate this result.

    We anticipate a good effort coming in from our future managers, as we focus on unlocking universal problem-solving abilities, not just specialized proficiency.

    Crafting the Architects of Tomorrow's Solutions

    We will allocate 3 months to solve the problem as if it was a probationary period. You will benefit from a supervision schedule.

    Our top managers will serve as an arbiter, coach and mentor that will guide and as a supervisor while having three 30 min supervision calls per week to ensure traction and skill development.

    You are at the helm, which means they won't solve the problem for you. You will need to focus on what you want to achieve, what prevents you from doing this, finding out alternative solutions and then figuring out how to do it faster.

    The process

    Apply to the vacant role

    Evaluation and practical task submission

    Task evaluation and feedback

    Final Selection


    Ready for action


    Entreprenurial Mindset

    We aren't looking for director level people already, but people sharing passion for problem solving, curiosity and commitment to developing amazing products.

    B2B remote collaboration (contract)

    Since we are fully remote, we will require b2b collaboration, meaning you will need to setup a private or individual entrepreneur entity from which you can invoice us.


    We don't want you to be locked in a box, which means the more ground and interest you cover in product development, engineering, marketing, sales, the better.


    We're prepared to consider visionary leaders from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals.


    We’re looking forward to have you in our flock! 

    Apply now to our Leadership Academy role and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss more.