Executive Assistant

Multilogin helps companies see the Internet through millions of computers. It’s a completely new terrain waiting for you to make an impact.

We are looking to hire an executive assistant who would help us develop one of the top Estonian technological startups.

Challenge accepted?

Examples of what you’ll do:

  1. Assist company CEO in daily tasks
  2. Set up expense tracking systems, approve expenses, compile reports
  3. Review and compose legal documents
  4. Create budgets, track payrolls
  5. Help with trip and event organization

To help you excel, you’ll get:


To attend conferences for free


To take courses on Udemy and Coursera


A 1,000 € personal development budget


100% ergonomic work environment



Most people are too bored to deal with numbers and dry legal language. I am not. Behind every sophisticated process or organization, there’s mathematics. Numbers show the health of your processes and tell where you will be three or twelve months later. The executive team works mostly with numbers and documents, which is a big responsibility. You would need to be precise with time and on-point with your words. At the same time, this provides a unique opportunity to see what happens behind the curtains of an organization. Like Neo in the Matrix, you see through the clutter and understand how it actually works. You will get to see what others don’t.

You’re a good fit if you:

  1. Have 3 or more years of experience in an administrative position
  2. Have excellent knowledge of spoken and written English, Estonian, and Russian
  3. Have excellent communication skills
  4. Can read a financial report, have good knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping
  5. Don’t need to google for templates to create documents such as Notice, Act, Order of Approval, Letter of Attorney, Meeting Protocol, and others
  6. Feel comfortable crunching through numbers, composing a series of documents, or doing other routine work
  7. Are flexible in working hours (to attend company trips, events, late meetings with people from different time zones)
  8. Live in Tallinn or are willing to relocate to Tallinn

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